• Pet Euthanasia – How To Evaluate If It Is The Right Decision For Your Pet?


    Euthanasia is not an immoral decision, but it is a gift which when given at the right time can greatly reduce the suffering of your pets. However, many people get stuck in the guilt for way too long and because of their sentiments cannot part their ways with their pets.

    Knowing what is right and when the time is right is crucial to giving pet euthanasia.

    At Zen Dog veterinary clinic, you ask the vets to give your pet euthanasia at home where they feel the most comfortable. Dr. Ray has taken special Euthanasia training to gain the skills so that the process is made as easy for the pets as possible and even for their owners. Servicing in New York, Queens, and many other places, they understand how difficult it is for you to lose your beloved best friend.

    Checklist for measuring the quality of life on a scale


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